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Home Security

IP & Analog Cameras up to 4K Resolution available!

We are happy to provide free of charge security advice to make sure your premises are fully protected and comply with current industry standards.

Residential Security Systems

BA Security provides residential security systems to home owners, landlords and housing associations across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Safety around the clock

We’re all aware of the old saying that an Englishman’s home is his castle. And it’s true. Home is a place of refuge, our personal history, our future memories and very often our pride and joy. So it should be safe.

Our residential security systems can fortify your home to provide the modern-day equivalent of those buttresses and ramparts. We also know that every property is different, every household different, and every budget different, so we offer a range of residential security systems to meet your exact needs.

Home Security Review

If you’re considering fitting burglar alarms at your home or business, or more comprehensive residential security systems or business security systems, you want to be sure you’re not spending more than you need to, or investing in a system that leaves gaping holes. That’s why we offer a free security review service.


We supply bespoke security services for domestic and commercial premises, from simple standalone alarm systems to custom-designed, fully integrated security solutions. And the only way to tell what you really need, and what your budget will buy you, is to undertake a full security review. Our site security review is a three-stage process: security check, security risk assessment, and security recommendations.

Security Check

The security check involves a physical inspection of your site, property and existing security arrangements. We detail all access points, doors and window locks, and create a floor plan of your property. The security check gives us a starting point.

Security Risk Assessment

The security risk assessment involves identifying the weak spots on the boundaries of your property and the primary access points to the building for would-be intruders. The risk and security assessment allows us to prioritise which areas of the property need attention most urgently.

Following the security assessment we can discuss allocated budgets and your preferred security solutions. From there we can draw up a checklist of areas where security needs ramping up, and the technology available to create the most protection while allaying your greatest concerns and meeting your budget.

A block of local authority accommodation would require particular access control systems; a large retail outlet might be best served by an internal business CCTV system featuring both visible and covert CCTV cameras; and a family home backing onto woodland may demand alarms configured to a certain sensitivity.

Every situation is different, so every system we design is custom-built to satisfy your particular situation.For more information on the various security services we provide, please feel free to browse around the website, or contact us to discuss in detail and arrange your free site security review.