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Intruder alarm Systems (Domestic and Commercial)

“If it’s clear to us that your Intruder alarm system is out of action, it’ll be clear to any professional thieves.”

Our electronic Intruder alarm systems can be as simple or as complex as required. From a box on the wall linked to your doors, to a more complex system that links your windows, doors, and exterior buildings etc., to emergency flood lighting surrounding your property. Our systems can be upgraded as and when required. We can install standalone units or automated monitored systems that can be linked to a monitoring station. Your safety is our primary concern.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring (Domestic and Commercial)

Electronic Security Alarm Monitoring systems can be very simple or very complex, dependent on your requirements. The most complex can have numerous key holders, multiple sensors, motion detectors, panic buttons, wireless systems, infrared night vision CCTV, to the simplest standalone systems.

BA Securities view of Intruder Alarms

An Intruder alarm can serve several purposes dependent on the model installed.

BA Security design, install, maintain and service Intruder alarm systems for both the domestic and commercial markets from a single building with one entrance /exit an emergency fire door, … to complex integrated systems covering multiple buildings via a control console which is monitored remotely.

BA Security are committed to your safety, our job is to keep your building, your business assets and your staff safe. We do this by planning in advance, taking precautionary measures to ensure numerous risks are covered, we imagine the unimaginable and implement measures to prevent such situations from occurring.

‘Prevention is better than cure’

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