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Electronic Access Control (Domestic and Commercial)

We are living in a 24 hour society. Privacy and security are more important than ever. We are now more wary than ever about who we open our front door to. Gone are the days when everyone left their doors open for neighbours to drop in.

We provide a comprehensive service and choice of electronic entrance systems, from basic push button intercom or video entrance systems for blocks of flats, to custom built industrial gates to protect sensitive premises.

Professionally installed electronic video entry systems allow you to see who is outside, they can be built into your wall, or attached to it.

Costs for basic installations:

Video Intercom (to gain entry) (small pic of video intercom), video screen to grant entry (small pic of video screen), installed from £599 +VAT

Electronic Gates

BA Security can design, install, maintain and service electronic gate entry systems for both domestic and commercial premises. Costs to automate existing gates span from £1800 to around £5000 dependent on the complexity of the mechanism required.

We cater for standard designs or bespoke, eg., lattice gates or covered gates thereby maintaining your privacy. Electronic gate entry systems can operate above or below ground level, on a sliding mechanism or opening as a doorway. The system can be linked to your security system (we deal with all integrations).

The videos below are basic examples of the systems we can install.

Lighting can be built into the gate entry system, thereby illuminating your visitors’ route through the gates and maintaining their safety.

Costs for basic installations:

Costs to install mechanism to automate gate operation from £1800 + VAT

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