BA Security

Service Contracts

What is it worth to protect your business?
What is it worth to protect your staff?
Why have a service contract, this is a common question that we hear every day.

  • In order to answer this, we ask you the following questions:
  • How often do you or your staff check the fire alarms are working correctly?
  • How often do you check the batteries in every smoke detector?
  • How often do you check the fire extinguishers?
  • How often do you check the fire door isn’t jammed or blocked?
  • How often do you check the emergency escape lights are working properly?
  • How often do you check the software on your server (for upgrades), for your CCTV?
  • How often do you check your security system has re booted correctly incase of a power cut or power surge?
  • Who would be responsible for your fire alarm system, security system, electronic gates, electronic door entry system, if the appointed member of staff usually responsible for it were to be taken ill?
  • Do you know if your fire alarms meet the requisite standards for your insurance company?

Many of our clients ask us why they should have a service contract, we start by explaining that prevention is better than cure, … with a service contract you don’t have to worry about remembering to check anything as we do it all for you.

We calendar every check up, we keep a diary of them for your insurance company, thereby ensuring you always meet the requisite standards, we log every battery replacement, we run tests to check the system for possible flaws, we constantly monitor the industry for equipment and software upgrades, and make recommendations to ensure the safety of you, your staff and your business/commercial premises, thereby allowing you to concentrate on your business, leaving your safety and security to BA Security.

Once you have a service contract with us, we are simply a phone call away, unless we have contractually linked your system to a remote monitoring station.