Security Services for Landlords

At BA Security, we have been dealing with landlords for over 30 years and understand what’s important to our landlords and are pleased to offer the following:


Key services

At BA Security we know how frustrating it can be when one of your tenants looses their keys and rings you up and expects you to drop everything in order to get them a spare, in some cases you’re lucky if they don’t break the door open to get in because they can’t wait for you to get to them.

We can create a “Mastered Key System” which enable you the landlord to have just one key to access every property you own whilst the tenants key will only open either just their own room door or if there is a common door such as a front door it will open both the front & room doors without being able to open anyone else’s door.

Another advantage of this system is that if your tenant looses their key, all they need to do is pop into our shop and ask for a duplicate. We will then contact you to get your authorisation and simply create a new key using the key code stored on our database, no more running around for you and an instant key for the tenant.

Fire Alarms

At BA Security we can help with all your fire alarm requirements from:


We understand that the normal rules for a domestic or commercial fire alarm system don’t apply to a HMO’s and so it can be very confusing and sometimes expensive if you get it wrong. Let BA Security guide you through all the regulations and help you get it right the first time, not only saving you money but helping to protect the lives of your tenants.