Burglar Alarms / Intruder Systems


Burglar alarms and intruder alarm systems 

Burglar alarms and intruder alarm systems are at the core of most of our security services. Fundamentally, our mission is to improve the safety of as many people, homes and businesses throughout our operating areas of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, and burglar alarm systems are the most powerful weapons in protecting your property.

“If it’s clear to us that your burglar alarm system is out of action, it’ll be clear to any professional thieves.”

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Here’s an alarming fact, if you’ll pardon the pun: our home town, Luton, recorded the 6th highest number of burglaries per head in the whole of the UK in 2009. Crime isn’t going away and yet if we walk up and down the streets we see that the majority of homes and businesses have no burglar alarms at all, or burglar alarms that are clearly no longer being maintained. 

We offer a no-obligation and free security review during which we can assess your property’s security against the would-be intruder, alarm systems design and installation, and burglar alarm maintenance contracts even for your existing alarm systems. 

Our Great Features

Genuine and well-maintained burglar alarms provide a visual deterrent, reduce your home contents insurance premiums, reduce the risk of a successful break-in, and increase the likelihood that an intruder will be caught and your possessions returned to you.







Security Alarms

We provide security alarms for homes and businesses. If cost has been the reason you’ve not yet invested in security alarms, you may be surprised at the value we can offer you; especially when you consider the financial and emotional costs of a burglary. We can specify and install security alarms on any scale and virtually any budget, from standalone intruder alarms to monitored joint burglar and fire alarms built into coordinated residential security systems or business security systems. 

Intruder/Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Intruder alarm monitoring involves connecting your intruder alarm’s control panel through your telephone line to an independent intruder alarm monitoring station. You provide a list of key-holders, which the burglar alarm monitoring station uses to alert you that the alarm has been activated.This system allows you to follow up immediately on any potential intrusion, and we can even incorporate domestic CCTV or business CCTV systems into the system design. Burglar alarm monitoring systems are subject to quality and operation regulations which include a burglar alarm maintenance contract.

The home burglar alarms we install for our customers vary in complexity enormously; from simple standalone alarms to fully integrated wireless alarm systems with infrared night-vision CCTV cameras, motion detectors, zonal settings and panic buttons. We design home burglar alarms to your budget, your home, and your particular concerns. While standalone home intruder alarms are enough for many of our customers, we can also arrange alarm monitoring and response services.

Our security shop stocks numerous home security products to complement any residential alarm system, such as:

safes, door chains, door security locks and more.

Alarm Service/Maintance

Our alarm maintenance contracts include two system check-ups per year as standard, and three emergency call-outs. We can take up alarm maintenance on your existing alarm system, no matter which brand it might be, and guarantee no price rises for the lifetime of your current system. We’ll provide you with the records to satisfy your insurance company and reduce your insurance premium, and we’ve got a £1m insurance policy in the unlikely event of alarm system failure. To get complete peace of mind and receive a quote, contact us to arrange a free home security review.