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Emergency Lighting

It is a little known fact that the reason for installing emergency lighting is to meet ‘fire safety legislation’. The reason for installing emergency lighting is to illuminate the route of evacuation for workers.

BA Security have been installing emergency lighting in office buildings, warehouses, industrial units, shops, bars, restaurants, shopping centres etc., for almost 20 years, a lot of clients ask why they should have to install such lighting.

If you have ever been in an office building at night, walking down a stairwell, or trying to feel your way in darkness when there is a power failure, the emergency lighting is what illuminates your way. Its wired up to the mains for power, but in the event of a power failure, the lights revert to their own backup battery power source, thereby still illuminating your escape route.

As part of your maintenance/service contract, BA Security will ensure the batteries are in working order as are the lights.

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