Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial Fire Alarms

Experienced Fire Engineers!

“A Fire Alarm system does not just protect from fire but saves lives”. Fire alarms need to be designed and installed to strict government regulations in order to fully comply with both insurance regulations and the BS standards, getting this wrong can cost you more than just money.

Fire Alarm Systems for Business

Commercial fire alarm systems are one of the mainstays of our business. Fire alarms for small business premises are typically a combination of heat and smoke detectors with several manual call points (usually the ‘break glass here’ buttons you’re used to seeing), while fire alarm systems for larger premises, blocks of flats and multi-building sites will be addressable (meaning you can pinpoint the origin of the fire) and might include sprinkler systems, automatic fire brigade alerts, elevator controls, back-up power, emergency lighting and fire door retainers. We design bespoke fire alarm systems for businesses of all kinds and all sizes. Please contact us now if you’d like the best fire alarm for your money.

Fire Alarm Panels

Fire alarm panels are the nerve centre of all fire alarm systems.


We supplyinstall and tailor our Fire alarm panels to ensure the system we provide you with gives you a safe, secure and reliable service that match up to your needs and offer reliability. 

This can consist of anything up to highly programmable and net workable panels affording you individual control over any aspect of the fire alarm system throughout the premises and across multiple buildings

Smoke Fire Alarms

If you do nothing else today, buy a smoke detector for your business. It really could make all the difference for very little money. If you’ve thought a little harder, contact us now to discuss the best smoke fire alarms for your needs and budget.