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Commercial Fire Alarms

Nothing is more mentally damaging than learning of a fire at your business premises.
Thoughts of dread and worry race through your mind:

  • How much damage has been done?
  • What can be salvaged?
  • Our insurance premiums are going to rocket now!
  • All the equipment we’ve lost, was it properly insured?
  • Were the filing cabinets fire proof?
  • Did we take preventative measures?
  • When did we last check the batteries in the smoke alarms?
  • Who should have checked them?
  • Why didn’t the sprinkler system work?
  • Will our insurance cover the damage?
  • Were we adequately insured?
  • Why weren’t the fire service called sooner?

All our archive records are ruined as they weren’t protected.
The above are common thoughts that we’ve heard repeatedly from clients before we install fire alarms or fire prevention systems.

BA Securities view of Fire Safety

A commercial fire alarm can serve several purposes dependent on the model installed. BA Security design, install, maintain and service fire alarm systems for businesses from a single building with one entrance and exit an emergency fire door, … to complex integrated systems covering multiple buildings via a control console which is monitored remotely.

Once contracted to BA Security, our job is to keep your building, your business assets and your staff safe. We do this by planning in advance, taking precautionary measures to ensure numerous risks are covered, we imagine the unimaginable and implement measures to prevent such situations from occurring.
‘Prevention is better than cure’

Alarm Panels

Our alarm panels are designed to be user-friendly, interactive, menu-driven. It is almost impossible to make a mistake or press the wrong button. Our alarm panels can be linked to your smartphone to alert you directly, to the police, a monitoring station, the choice is yours.

BA Security are specialist electricians by trade we have utilized our knowledge for the benefit of our clients, we are not fixed to any one provider, we break systems down into their component parts and rebuild them, integrating them with other specific parts to satisfy your individual requirements.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors save lives, this is a fact, the problem we find is that a lot of clients forget about them.
The unit is attached to the ceiling and forgotten about,… not by us though. For clients who have had the foresight to entrust us to maintain their electronic fire detection systems, we regularly test and check all units are working correctly, we change the batteries regularly, every check is logged, every battery change is logged.
We find that a lot of insurance companies recommend service/maintenance contracts to their clients, once the client has contracted BA Security to take care of their electronic fire alarms and fire prevention systems, they can then rest easy know BA Security are then responsible for the systems operation and maintenance.

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    British and European safety standards

    We’re approved suppliers for Apollo, C-TEC, Morley and Rafiki fire alarms; all of our systems are installed to British and European safety standards. We also offer annual fire alarm maintenance and service contracts; on our own systems and on pre-installed fire alarm systems.
    Please contact us now if you’d like the best fire alarm for your money.