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CCTV for businesses, commercial and industrial.

What is it worth to protect your business?

CCTV is proven to reduce crime, this is a known fact. Shops use CCTV to deter shop lifting, and outside to deter vandalism. CCTV systems can be designed and installed with the ability to activate floodlighting via infrared movement sensors 24/7. We design, install, maintain and service systems that record footage on your own dedicated server, or upload footage to your own dedicated cloud. High definition recorded footage is now affordable and is used in criminal cases to prosecute offenders who flout the law.
Our systems can alert you on your smart phone, alert a remote monitoring station, alert the police, all to preventative measures that serve to protect your interests.
Don’t leave your safety and security to chance, protect yourself, your family and your interests, we can provide a free survey which will uncover flaws and blind spots in your security and propose systems to eliminate these failings.

Commercial CCTV Security

BA Security are authorized installers of Hikvision, S-Pro, Qvis, Baxall, Dedicated Micros, Mitsubishi Electronic, Sony and Vista. This means that we are in the unique position of being able to design a bespoke system for your business utilizing specific equipment from the best manufacturers and make them work in unison to protect your business and those who work for you.

Commercial CCTV security systems can work in several ways, depending on your needs.

  • Continuous as well as Motion Detection Recording
  • High definition footage 
  • Enhanced Infra-Red Night Vision
  • Recording & Viewing via computer as well as mobile devices.
  • Cloud Recording
  • Insurance Compliance

Free Security Survey

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    365 Days a Year Security


    Security doesn’t end outside your premise. Our business CCTV surveillance services includes sourcing discreet and covert cameras. We will keep an eye on your valuables 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We offer our services to small news agents to large corporate office towers; perhaps you have a home office with sensitive documents and a hidden camera will provide reassurance, or comeback in the event of a break-in. We offer the full range of commercial CCTV surveillance services, contact us now to request a quote.