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Most people view the security of the business premises in the same manner as they do their home.
Unfortunately, the authorities view matters very differently. Business, commercial and industrial properties usually contain equipment, assets, vehicles (cars, vans, construction equipment, horticultural equipment, tractors etc), leased equipment (catering equipment, computer equipment, industrial equipment), industrial equipment (industrial fridges/freezers, drainage systems), computer systems
(servers, mainframes, networks), valuables (paintings, works of art etc). Insurance companies view the security of business premises completely differently to the way they view domestic / residential homes.

At BA Security we regularly meet with clients who are faced with insurance companies requesting they implement additional security measures to protect the valuable contents within their business premises.
Our approach is to listen to, and understand what the client needs to satisfy their insurance companies requirements and provide a solution that ensures the safety and security of the building, the equipment within it, and the staff who work in the building, all at a price that is both affordable and reasonable.

Business Security Review

The answer to the above is ‘not as much as you might think’
As you can imagine, this is a difficult question to answer. In response to this question, we always urge clients to have a free survey done on their property/premises/warehouse etc. The survey will be carried out at your convenience, we’ll take up as little of your time as possible. The benefit of the survey is that we’ll point out where your weak areas are, where your flaws are, where your blind spots are.
We’ll then provide you with a quotation on how we would protect your premises comprehensively. We always recommend clients take out a service contract.
Our surveys can and are used for insurance purposes. BA Security live by the maxim, ‘Prevention is better than cure’

We are in the fortunate position of not being tied to any one equipment provider, we are also in the fortunate position of being electrical specialists, which means we are able to pick and choose equipment from various suppliers and integrate systems ourselves providing you with a uniquely designed system which suits your premises specifically.


We supply bespoke security services for domestic and commercial premises, from simple standalone alarm systems to custom-designed, fully integrated security solutions. And the only way to tell what you really need, and what your budget will buy you, is to undertake a full security review. 
Our site security review is a three-stage process: security check, security risk assessment, and security recommendations.

Security Check

The security check involves a physical inspection of your site, property and existing security arrangements. We detail all access points, doors and window locks, and create a floor plan of your property. The security check gives us a starting point.

Flexible Approach

We appreciate of course that not every budget is the same, so while we will always source good quality security products, we’re adaptable and knowledgeable enough to make the right compromises where strictly necessary. It may be that your business needs the full range of security services, but if not, we won’t be pushing you into taking on security systems you don’t need; we specify what your premises need and leave the final decision to you. 

Free Security Survey

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