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Domestic CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Systems

Domestic closed circuit television systems have always been seen as the residential security systems of the wealthy; but CCTV cameras and CCTV equipment aren’t as expensive as you might think, and what better deterrent against would-be burglaries, vandalism and car theft can you think of?

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We’re fully authorised resellers and CCTV installers for a range of domestic closed circuit television systems, including cameras and accessories from such reputable security specialists as Baxall, Dedicated Micros, Mitsubishi Electronic, Sony and Vista. That means we can source domestic CCTV systems to suit most budgets. We also offer a free residential security review, through which we survey your property and identify weak spots and opportunities to improve your home security. Since we offer a bespoke home security design service, we can work with you and your budget to devise the best domestic CCTV system, and any additional home security services, for your budget.

Home CCTV Security

Home CCTV security systems can work in one of several ways, depending on your needs. Our outdoor cameras are weatherproof, can record continuously or operate via PIR motion sensors, and can even record in pitch black conditions if they’re equipped with infrared night-vision. We can connect as many cameras as appropriate for your home to a single digital video recorder, your home PC, your television for instant monitoring, or even to a remote server. Our home CCTV security systems can even be integrated with other home security services for seamless and comprehensive home safety.

Home CCTV Surveillance Services

Security doesn’t end outside your house. Our home CCTV surveillance services include sourcing discreet and covert cameras. Perhaps you want a nanny camera, to be sure that your au pair or nanny is treating your child appropriately; perhaps you have a home office with sensitive documents and a hidden camera will provide reassurance, or comeback in the event of a break-in. We offer the full range of home CCTV surveillance services, so contact us now to request a quote.


Our Products

We design, supply and install bespoke residential security systems and business security systems for homes and commercial and industrial premises across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. To find out how we can help keep you and your property safe, read up on our security services.